Where words fail, music speaks.~Hans Christian Andersen

I was asked about the three most important songs in my life. The first would be I Cross My Heart by George Strait. Although my husband and I did not have a big wedding, we said that would be our song.

The second most important would be Forever by Christian artist Chris Tomlin. I first heard this song performed at our church in Las Vegas the next weekend after my grandfather passed away. It seemed to have followed me ever since. Coincidentally, the same church played it the next service after my grandmother passed and also a couple of years later when my godson passed.

The third song would be Memories by Elvis Presley. My family had a surprise party for my grandpa’s 70th birthday in 1984. My dad and uncle were really big with editing videos and at the end of the video for the party, they added a montage of photos from my grandparents’ lives. The montage played to the tune of Memories. My husband had bought the double cd of Elvis with that song included. I could listen to it over and over, thinking of memories of my childhood.


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