Writers block at its finest

New to the writing world, I’m trying to find the best topic or genre for me. I’ve read different reviews on each, purchased multiple prompt topic books, and even tried taking those little quizzes online that really don’t know a thing about you, other than what you select as an answer for each question. Yes, I’ve become that desperate.

Friends have suggested to write about what interests me. But my trouble is, there are so many ideas, I cannot isolate one and find enough information on that to write about. I’ve always been partial to fiction, but there are so many types. Lately, when trying to start a short story, it goes into the Young Adult category. However, with the future intent of getting published, I’m not sure how many young people actually read anymore unless it has to do with “text talk” or emojis.

For those who have read this far, bless you. Any suggestions or tips are greatly appreciated. I have the drive to write. It’s just the map I’m having trouble with.

Thank you for your time.


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