Writers block at its finest

New to the writing world, I’m trying to find the best topic or genre for me. I’ve read different reviews on each, purchased multiple prompt topic books, and even tried taking those little quizzes online that really don’t know a thing about you, other than what you select as an answer for each question. Yes, I’ve become that desperate.

Friends have suggested to write about what interests me. But my trouble is, there are so many ideas, I cannot isolate one and find enough information on that to write about. I’ve always been partial to fiction, but there are so many types. Lately, when trying to start a short story, it goes into the Young Adult category. However, with the future intent of getting published, I’m not sure how many young people actually read anymore unless it has to do with “text talk” or emojis.

For those who have read this far, bless you. Any suggestions or tips are greatly appreciated. I have the drive to write. It’s just the map I’m having trouble with.

Thank you for your time.


Millions of thoughts, blank page

After a significant amount of time has passed since my last post, I set time aside and thought, this will be the day I have something to say. I sit down, set the television to the calming music channel, and open my journal document. Five minutes have passed….ten, and nothing. Blank page. Millions of thoughts in my head and I can’t gather enough information on one to write about. Then, I think of something but don’t know if it’s something I want to air for all to see. So, back to the drawing board. I feel like my brain is one big raffle and I need to select the winner that is the topic of the day.


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Drama-free Zone


Drama is part of everyday life. Nobody is immune. But there are some who feed on it and let it run their existence rather than find ways to get passed it. Some say it diminishes with age but I have seen grown men and women who cannot survive without being dramatic.  I admit, I am guilty of having my moments but I do not let it consume me. I move on.

Some think that if there is no drama, they will not be recognized. Why would you want that kind of recognition? Why not do something to be proud of and have something to be said for generations?

So, please leave the dramatics to the actors and actresses that get paid to entertain. Unless you’ve been nominated for an Oscar, I prefer not to hear it.

Daily Post – Dramatic

Where words fail, music speaks.~Hans Christian Andersen

I was asked about the three most important songs in my life. The first would be I Cross My Heart by George Strait. Although my husband and I did not have a big wedding, we said that would be our song.

The second most important would be Forever by Christian artist Chris Tomlin. I first heard this song performed at our church in Las Vegas the next weekend after my grandfather passed away. It seemed to have followed me ever since. Coincidentally, the same church played it the next service after my grandmother passed and also a couple of years later when my godson passed.

The third song would be Memories by Elvis Presley. My family had a surprise party for my grandpa’s 70th birthday in 1984. My dad and uncle were really big with editing videos and at the end of the video for the party, they added a montage of photos from my grandparents’ lives. The montage played to the tune of Memories. My husband had bought the double cd of Elvis with that song included. I could listen to it over and over, thinking of memories of my childhood.

If Heaven had a Visitors Center


Sometimes, I wish Heaven had a Visitors Center. If we could close our eyes and somehow transport up through the clouds. Next to the iconic pearly gates would be a smaller gate with a sign above it labeled, “VISITORS”. I’d start to walk through, passing by an attendant who stamps my hand with a smiley face inked stamp. As I make my way through the wall-less room, I see the residents in regular clothing because that is how their loved ones last remembered them. I am first greeted by my grandparents. My grandpa, with his salt & pepper thinning short hair, wearing his usual plaid button down shirt complete with his glasses case in his front pocket. Wearing dark gray slacks. My grandma with her short curly white hair, wearing a collared white ¼ button down top and navy blue pants. As I hug them both and just stare at them in disbelief, I catch a glimpse in the corner of my eye of another familiar face. I turn to see my friend Elaine with her dirty-blonde short hair and designer clothing staring at me, about to cry. I start to run with my arms wide open and our bodies meet in embrace. As we start to talk about the moments we’ve missed, a little boy, about 2 years old with dark brown hair, runs in between us, carrying what looks like a weather machine. He is laughing like he’s proud of it. “Timmy!” I call out to my Godson. The little boy turns to me and runs in my arms, wrapping his arms around my neck as I stand up.

After a few hours of visiting with other family and friends, there is a bell that sound, signaling the end of visiting hours. I hug each of my loved ones before following the other guests back through the visitor’s gate.

Free writing opens the mind

Today is my birthday. I am 36 years old today. With every birthday, as I get older, I find myself reflecting on what has transpired and what I want for the future. I’m married (been for 5 years), to a great guy I would not trade for the world. Thinking of the “First comes love, then comes marriage….” It’s just the third part that is a work in progress. I know the old sayings, Good things come to those who wait, or Everything happens for a reason. I try to build my values on the latter. I just wish I knew what that reason was. Just when I think I do, something happens to try to change my perspective. Sometimes I believe I think too much. I’ve always thought of the What If’s instead of just letting life happen. I guess I just have to put my thoughts to a more productive use. Instead of wishing and dreaming, I need to think of a plan on how some of those can actually happen. It’s difficult to talk out loud about it because when my mouth opens, my brain can’t catch up and it seems like I talk in tongues. That’s why I thought about writing. I tried keeping journals, both the book kind and online. I just never found the time to do it before. It’s pretty bad when the journal I bought from the bookstore starts collecting dust. But since I can’t really talk out loud without sounding crazy, I guess this is the next best thing. One thing I’m always telling people is that it’s not good to hold things in. I guess I need to take my own advice. Writing (typing) in a blog or journal is much like leaving a voicemail on someone’s phone. Since there is nobody physically there to directly listen to you, you tend to babble. But if that’s what it takes to get my thoughts out to make room for new ones, then so be it.

I find myself listening to the Christian music stations a lot lately. I’ve loved the music for quite some time. But I usually mix my daily music with various genres. Apparently, I feel I need more inspiration these days. I think I just need to make the time to slow down and reflect on things. I want to start making that a daily habit, rather than occasionally. That way, my posts won’t be monthly rants a few pages long.